Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cloth Diapering a 1.5-Year-Old Toddler

I recently blogged about why we started cloth diapering and how it inspired us to live greener.

Well, I thought I'd share our stash with you!

Our stash has changed dramatically since she was a newborn.
We loved loved loved prefolds and fitteds with covers when she was tiny.

Now, this is our stash.

From the top row left side:

Those are just some our cloth wipes that I ordered from this amazing WAHM. I got them 20 months ago and they're still like new. I love her stuff so much that I ordered unpaper towels and other goods from her (will blog about those later).

The next 2 piles are Fishnoodles and Bright Star Babies (both are by the same company, now called Peachy Green). I love love love these. They're super trim. I will say, though, that I have to use their hemp booster so that Y doesn't leak out, but the hemp boosters are super trim, too, so no big deal. Y is wearing one in the first picture of this post at the top. These are Size 1 diapers. On one side, she's at the smallest setting and on the other side, it's set to the 2nd smallest setting... so I'm pretty sure she can wear these until she's potty trained!

The tall pile in the middle of the top row are my pocket diapers from BumGenius. These are definitely my go-to diapers and they're also what we use as our nighttime diapers (we stuff them with the doublers that are pictured on the bottom row, very left). We DO NOT use the microfiber inserts, though. We stuff them with Flip diapers organic inserts. This combination is perfect for us.

Next to those are the diapers that I made. I made more, but these are the ones she still fits into. They are fitted diapers.

Our two BagShot Row Bamboo diapers are on the top row, all the way to the right. We don't use these. They are back-up dipes for us.

Bottom row, all the way to the left - These are the Stay Dry Doublers from BumGenius. This is what we stuff the pockets with for extra protection for nighttime.

The orange one next to that is our one and only SoftBum all-in-2 diaper.

The blue and yellow one next to that is our BumGenius Organic Elemental all-in-1 diapers. Easy to use.

The green and orange one in the middle is our Gro-baby diapers (now GroVia). I used the covers as her swim diapers for swim lessons. :)

The polka dotted ones are Rumparooz. We have 3, but she was wearing one of them. These have a much lower rise compared to the other ones.

And lastly, we have these prefolds, covers, and snappis (we have more, but I can't find them). We rarely use these now. They're completely our back-up diapers.

There you have it! Our toddler cloth diaper stash!

Wish I took a picture our stash when she was a newborn. We have most of them still, but it's in storage. I'll definitely remember to take a picture if and when we have another newborn!

Oh, I took a picture of the inside of our diapers.

I don't "sun" them.
I don't bleach them.
I simply wash them with All Free and Clear.
That's all.

That green strip of fabric on the bottom is a fleece liner that I cut out. I put this on top of each diaper before I put it on Y. It keeps her feeling dry AND (best of all) her poop literally rolls off. :D

Ok, one last picture.
I was putting the dipes away after taking these cloth diaper pictures, and Y wanted to help!

Do you cloth diaper? Why/why not? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Oh, and I wanna know your stash, too!!

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