Thursday, March 22, 2012

Balcony Garden and Sprouting Garlic Bulbs

Last week, Y. and I planted some seeds to restart our balcony garden. Our condo's balcony is on the small side, but we wanted to make the best use out of it. We get sun all day long so it's perfect!

Ok, put the last few sentences aside for a second. Let's talk about my garlic.

About a week and a half ago, I found garlic for SUPER CHEAP. Like... 15 bulbs for less than a dollar. Of course, I got them. We use a lot of garlic in our cooking and I thought I could use them all. Well, today, I looked at them and saw that they were totally sprouting. Like a lot.


If they're sprouting just a little bit, I just take out the sprouts before using them.

This is the most I've seen it sprout, because I use them before it gets like this. It's probably nothing and I could've still just taken the sprouts out to use them, but...

I've read that people plant these sprouting garlic bulbs. I still have a few bulbs without sprouts that I could use for cooking so I thought, hey, why not. I'll plant them!

I put them in empty pots and covered it with soil. We'll see how they turn out!

Here's our balcony garden!
There's actually 4 of those long brown planters, but I couldn't get them all in the picture.

Aside from the sprouting garlic cloves, we also have the following:
- Cilantro
- Basil
- Red Radishes
- Jalapeno Peppers

They're already sprouting!!
Here's a picture of the red radishes!

Cute, no? :D

Can't wait to harvest!
I'll report back about the garlic bulbs, too. :)

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