Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Farmers Market Trip - April 7

We couldn't go last week because I was running in the Warrior Dash and my family came to support. It was a really fun obstacle course run, but I missed Farmers Market!

This week, I'm leaving on tour to the east coast, so when we went to the Farmers Market, I thought we wouldn't get as much food... but my hubby didn't think that way. lol

This is what we got:

- huge daikon
- apples
- grapes
- oranges (DELICIOUS! I forgot what kind it was... started with a c)
- LOTS of cilantro
- 2 bunches of baby celery
- strawberries
- beets
- other greens (not pictured)


I hope I can eat some local foods while I'm on the east coast!

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