Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Farmer's Market - July 24, 2012

Yay!! I went to the farmers market for the first time in quite awhile!

Golden beets
Dino kale - 3 bunches
Green Beans


Monday, July 2, 2012

Juice Fast Recipes!

Here it is!!  Almost all of the juices we made during our 5 day juice fast!!
Please check out my entire juicing experience here.

The numbers correspond to the juice picture at the top of this post.
The veggie/fruit photo you see made enough for 2 pints.

Sorry about some of them that don't have ingredients.  Bad blogger me. :P

Don't want to look through all of them?

#1 - Magenta Zing
*Not bad at all.  Pretty tasty.  Ginger was a bit strong for me.

Watermelon (1/4 of a small size watermelon)
Apples - 2
Carrots - 4
Beets - 1 with leaves
Celery - 3 stalks
Ginger - 1 inch

#2 - Popeye's snack
*Yum.  I wish I put more pineapple in this.  Again, ginger was a bit strong for me.  Less next time.

Spinach - 1/2 bunch
Romaine lettuce - 4 leaves
Dino kale - 6 leaves
Apples - 2
Strawberries - 9
Ginger - 1 inch
Pineapple - 1 spear

#3 - ???
No photo... don't remember ingredients.  Sorry!!

#4 - Dark Knight
I don't know why this one came out so dark.  Maybe this was actually 3???
The taste was okay.

Apples - 2
Cucumber - 1
Baby Celery - 1/2 bunch
Carrots - 3
Spinach - about 1/2 bunch
Swiss Chard - 3 stalks

#5 - Leftovers
Not bad, but I think the celery was a little too strong.

Strawberries - about 15
Pineapples - 3 spears
Watermelon - very little (hahah)
Celery - 3 stalks
Cucumber - 1/4
Carrots - 2
Dino Kale - 3 leaves
Spinach - about 1/2 bunch

#6 - Citrus Sensation
YUM.  First all fruit juice we made.  H thought there was too much lemon but I liked it. :)

Pineapple - 2 spears
Oranges - 2 to 3
Strawberries - basketful
Lemon - 1
Apples - 2

#7 - Bright Green Goodness
Too much celery!

Spinach - 1/2 bunch
Dino kale - 8 leaves
Cucumber - 1/2
Celery - 4 to 5
Baby celery
Pineapple core
Ginger - 1/2 inch

#8 - Delicious Mint Refresher
My FAVORITE!  This and every variation of this was SO SO SO DELICIOUS!!!!!
If anything, make this one!!
(adapted from William Sonoma's 30 days of juicing)
(I like mixing this with some sparkling water, too. YUMMMMM.)
(Adding oranges or lychee or anything else is yummy too.)
(This is just yummy. ahahahahahaah).

Pineapples spears - 4
Strawberries - 1 basketful
Apple - 1
Mint leaves - about 30

#9 - Mango Tango
Yum. :)  All fruits again.

Pineapple - 2 spears
Strawberries - 7
Mango - 1
Nectarine - 1
Apple - 1
Orange - 1

#10 - Green and Orange Power 
Not bad.  The golden beets made it so I didn't have to worry about staining anything...

Spinach - 1/2 bunch
Carrots - 6
Golden beets - 1
Apple - 1
Lemon - 1
Orange - 1

#11 - Creamy Sweet Potato Delight
I kept seeing that you can juice sweet potatoes... so we tried it.  It made it creamier than usual. The taste was alright.  Interesting and it was a nice change to our normal juices.

Sweet potato - 1
Carrots - 5
Orange - 1
Apple 0 1
Dino kale - 3 to 4 leaves
Romaine lettuce - about 5 leaves
Swiss Chard

#12 - Red Carrot Envy
The lady at the farmers market told us that these red carrots have more beta carotene in them, so I bought a bunch.  This juice was pretty good. :)

Red carrots - 3
Oranges - 1
Apple - 1
Cucumber - 1/2
Baby celery

?????? - Not pictured
I don't have a picture of the juice.  I know it's not up there because this one should be super magenta color from the beets.

Dino kale
Beets with leaves
Red carrots
Romaine lettuce

#13 - ???
No photo - can't remember the ingredients. Sorry again!!!

#14 - Same as #8

#15 - Kale surprise
Lots of kale but yummy! :D

Nectarine - 1
Oranges - 2
Dino kale - 8 leaves
Red carrots - 2
Apple 1

#16 - Homemade sorbet - nothing extra added
I LOVE our juicer.
It makes fruit sorbets, pasta, nut butters, etc.  SO AWESOME!

We decided to make a sorbet out of strawberries, pineapples, and bananas that we froze.
We passed it through our masticating juicer twice and it was SO creamy and delicious.

I loved that it was all natural.  I didn't have to feel guilty letting Y enjoy it.  It was like ice cream to her. :D

Well, that's it folks!!
Since our fast, we are still juicing everyday at least for breakfast.
H is still juicing for both breakfast and lunch almost everyday.

Let me know if you make any of these!
Seriously... #8 is the bomb.  We added lychee once to it.  DELICIOUS!!!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adventures in Juicing: Juice Fast - Day 5 of 5

I didn't get to post this last night because I went out, but here it is!

End of my 5 day juice fast!!!!

I had whole wheat toast and peanut butter to break my fast.

I know, I know.... I ate (chewed) on veggies last night as part of dinner, but this whole wheat toast and PB is the first thing I ate that wasn't... raw veggies or fruits.

My stomach handled it very well.

I juiced for breakfast and for lunch.  Toast and PB was my afternoon snack.

Then, for dinner, I had fried rice with takana and jako (some japanese pickled veggies and tiny fish) at the karaoke bar.

It was SO GOOD. hahaha. Mmm...
It was a lot of food, but I ate it all.  Super full afterwards.

No problems with digesting.  I had no stomachaches, headaches, nothing.
Breaking my fast was super successful.

Would I ever do a 5-day (or more) fast again?
Probably not.

I lost too much weight, so maybe if my goals was weight loss, I might do it again.

I'm down to do a 1 or 2 days juice fast again, though.

I just miss chewing and swallowing too much.  *shrug*

The best part was the amazing deep sleep I got every night!!!!

Next up:  The Juices and the recipes!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Adventures in Juicing: Juice Fast - Day 4 of 5

Yesterday, I said that we were gonna start breaking our fast today by eating veggies and fruits in addition to the juice meals...

Well, during the day, the only thing I chewed on was... 2 orange slices and a slice of watermelon.

I just didn't feel like eating.

I just kept juicing and drank that for meals.

For dinner, though, we had more to chew on.

H made veggie broth out of the veggies we had in the fridge and we drank hot veggie broth. YUM. 

We also ate a kale/swiss chard/spinach/cucumber salad with Hiro's homemade dressing made out of veggies we had plus lemon. YUM. 

Still nothing other than veggies and fruits, but we got to chew. :) 

We pretty much just chewed on what we would've juiced for dinner. 
We will continue to juice tomorrow and eat at night, too. Probably add other stuff back in. I'm excited.

I'm looking forward to eating again.  
Er... like, something other than raw veggies and fruits.  

I'm looking forward to sharing all the juicing recipes and which ones we liked... and didn't like as much. :) 

Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adventures in Juicing: Juice Fast - Day 3 of 5

Nothing really different from yesterday, except....

I have lost A LOT of weight.
6 pounds in 2 days.

This actually scares me a little.  I knew I'd lose some weight, but I'm already pretty small and didn't have to lose too much.  I didn't want to be underweight.

My tummy is flat, tho.

I never thought I was retaining any water or had much bloating, but I think that's the weight I lost.
I just feel... thin.  Like when I grip my hands together, my fingers feel... thin.

I don't mind the juice fast, but this rapid weight loss is definitely scaring me.

As much as I don't really want to, I think I have to adjust my juice fast for the last 2 days.

You see, H and I originally planned to do the juice fast a different way.  We were going to have juice as our meals and eat raw fruits and veggies as snacks whenever we wanted to.  I'm not quite sure when we decided to make this into an only juice (plus water) fast.

Anyway, starting tomorrow, I'm going to eat solid foods (raw fruits and vegetables) along with all the juicing.

I'm not doing this because I feel hungry because, believe it or not, I don't feel hungry.

I'm doing this because I don't want to be underweight and I don't want to get myself to an unhealthy place.

ANYWAaaaaaayyyy, here's a picture of my "dinner" tonight.

- Sweet potato
- Carrots
- Apple
- Orange
- Kale
- Chard
- Lettuce
- Ginger (not pictured)

It was alright.  I think we put in WAY too much ginger. hahaha.  It was kinda spicy. :P

I had no idea you can juice sweet potato, but I looked online and there's a lot of info about it!
It made the juice a little creamier, which was a nice difference from what we've been having.

2 more days!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventures in Juicing: Juice Fast - Day 2 of 5

Here we are at day 2 of my juice fast.

I'm still not getting that "I'm hungry" feeling.  I'm doing ok.
I'm not hungry.... but I want to chew on something.  :/

The WORST was making Y's dinner today.
I sauteed some kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, and baked tofu and added in pasta and cheese with some garlic.

OMG, it smelled SO GOOD.

I had a total of 4 glasses of juice today.

We made a delicious "just-fruits" juice for our afternoon snack.


- Strawberries
- Oranges
- Nectarines
- Pineapple spears
- Apples


It was such a welcome difference from all the other veggie/fruit juices.

Overall, I'm feeling okay.
A bit more lethargic today.  I read that people go through this phase as the body is getting rid of toxins. The "I'm-so-full-of-energy" feeling is supposed to come soon.  I sure hope so.
I also felt a little faint when I stood up sometimes.

Time for my dessert!! Dessert = sparkling water.  Yum.  hahaha. :P

Farmer's Market Trip - June 12

Since we're juicing, I decided to go to the farmer's market today to get more organic fruits and vegetables.
It's the same farmer's market we go to on Saturday, but since I can't go on Saturdays, I went today!

Here's what we got!!

- 2 bunches of dino kale
- 1 stalk celery
- 1 bunch spinach
- a LOT of purple carrots
- 2 cucumbers
- 1 bunch golden beets
- 4 lemons
- 7 nectarines
- 1 large bag oranges

All for about $20!!

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