Monday, June 4, 2012

Wool Dryer Balls

So, you saw in my previous post that I started making my own laundry detergent.

Around the same time, I ordered some wool dryer balls to replace and get rid of dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets are just bad news.  They're toxic and they coat your dryer with gunk... which ultimately gets on your clothes AND Y's cloth diapers.  Those of you that cloth diaper know that you're not supposed to use dryer sheets when you dry the diapers, so that "gunk" getting on the diapers is not good.

Wool dryer balls cut down drying time.

Wool dryer balls help to eliminate static (but you have to be careful not keep the dryer running for too long... no amount of dryer balls will eliminate static if you over dry your clothes).

Wool dryer balls are kept in the dryer so you don't have to worry about adding anything each time.

Wool dryer balls last a really really long time.  Someone said over 5 years!

My wool dryer balls came smelling like mango citrus!! YUM!! The scent doesn't last forever, but I really liked the smell!

I don't have to spend money on dryer sheets!

I bought these 6 from Buddha Bunz when they had this HUGE sale (not available anymore) and I got them for cheap, but you can get them anywhere.  You can even make them yourself.  I googled "wool dryer ball" and there were so many DIY tutorials.  I might make some later!

OH, and being a massage therapist, I have to wash sheets all the time.  When I was using dryer sheets, my sheets would come out still wet because they would get bunched together and wouldn't unwind themselves... BUT with these wool dryer balls, they don't get bunched up because the dryer balls bounce around and keep the sheets from twisting! :D

I <3 my wool dryer balls! :D

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