Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventures in Juicing: Juice Fast - Day 1 of 5

Here we go.

Juice from our juicer and nothing but juice (and water) for the next 5 days.
Organic veggies and fruits.

I'm not doing it for longer because I don't have to lose any weight and I don't have to majorly change my eating habits/lifestyle.

I'm doing it because... honestly... I just want to.  *shrug*

I want to send micronutrients into my system and from my research, juicing is the best way.
I want to see if it'll give me clearer skin.
I want to see if I'll sleep better.
I want to see if I'll have more energy during the day.
I want to see if it'll make me... "regular".
I want to see if it'll help my joints.
I want to see if it'll help me with my body aches.

I have no idea if it'll help me with these things, but I'll let you know.

I don't have huge expectations.  After all, I'm only doing it for 5 days.  There are people out there that do this for months!

I'm also not doing this under a doctor's care.  Again, it's only 5 days... and if I feel absolutely gross, the juice fast will be called off.

We also discussed how if it gets difficult and we are just STARVING, we will be okay with eating raw fruits and vegetables.

ANYWAY... Day 1 Report!

H and I had 4 big glasses of juice throughout the day that we juiced using our Omega.
YUM. :)
We juiced each time... which is okay for now.  I wonder if we'll feel like it's too much.
I know that some people advise against juicing beforehand and that it's better to drink the juice right after you juice it, but I think I'm okay with sacrificing a little bit of micronutrients...
We'll see.  Like I said, we don't mind the juicing for now.

We drank a lot of water all day long.  I always do that anyway, so this was nothing new.

We had sparkling water for "dessert".  What a treat! hehehehe! :P

I don't feel hungry, but I DO wish I was chewing something.  Every time I gave Y a snack or fed her a meal, I found myself wanting to put her food in my mouth. :/

I felt sleepy right around the time she took her nap, so I slept for about 30 min.
Otherwise, I'm feeling great and pumped for tomorrow.

H, on the other hand, is experiencing a little more difficulty.  He's hungry and said he couldn't really concentrate at work, especially with people drinking water and snacking all around him.  He also experienced headaches.

I read that it takes 2 to 3 days to start seeing any of the benefits that I listed above.

Check back tomorrow for Day 2!

Also, at the end of the 5 days, I'll post photos and recipes of all of our juices!!  :D

Have you done the juice fast before?  Any advice?

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