Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adventures in Juicing: Juice Fast - Day 5 of 5

I didn't get to post this last night because I went out, but here it is!

End of my 5 day juice fast!!!!

I had whole wheat toast and peanut butter to break my fast.

I know, I know.... I ate (chewed) on veggies last night as part of dinner, but this whole wheat toast and PB is the first thing I ate that wasn't... raw veggies or fruits.

My stomach handled it very well.

I juiced for breakfast and for lunch.  Toast and PB was my afternoon snack.

Then, for dinner, I had fried rice with takana and jako (some japanese pickled veggies and tiny fish) at the karaoke bar.

It was SO GOOD. hahaha. Mmm...
It was a lot of food, but I ate it all.  Super full afterwards.

No problems with digesting.  I had no stomachaches, headaches, nothing.
Breaking my fast was super successful.

Would I ever do a 5-day (or more) fast again?
Probably not.

I lost too much weight, so maybe if my goals was weight loss, I might do it again.

I'm down to do a 1 or 2 days juice fast again, though.

I just miss chewing and swallowing too much.  *shrug*

The best part was the amazing deep sleep I got every night!!!!

Next up:  The Juices and the recipes!!!!

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