Monday, May 21, 2012

No 'Poo Tuesday Report - Week 13

So you may wonder if I've given up on this "no 'poo" experiment since I've been MIA for so long.

Well, I'm still doing it and I LOVE it still.

I went on my tour in April and went back to 'poo.  My face broke out!!  Using shampoo again made my face breakout, and I thought maybe it was the change in climate or the traveling... but as soon as I got home and started back on my no 'poo regimen, my skin cleared up again. hmmm~

Then, last week, I traveled to Japan and used shampoo for 9 days.  I broke out AGAIN!  and again, I thought maybe it was the climate change and the traveling... and again, as soon as I got back and started using my no 'poo concoction, my skin started to clear up. HMMMM......

Anyway, I love the no 'poo thing.  I wish I knew more people that were willing to do this no 'poo experiment with me.  My hair isn't greasy.  It doesn't smell funky. It's super clean and I have way more volume than before.  I think it's because I'm not using chemicals that strip away EVERYTHING in my hair, even the good stuff.

I'm super happy to be back on my no 'poo experiment once again.

Are you doing it yet?  :)

To read about my past weeks and to find out my no 'poo recipe, check out my no 'poo arvhive!


  1. Hi Yuri,

    I've been using a really basic home made shampoo for a couple of years now and I love it too! (It's cheap, makes my hair look better and lets me feel smug when I watch shampoo commercials. What's not to love?)

    I like your tips on the ratio of ACV (I'm pretty new to ACV). Useful stuff.

    I think there's definite room for improvement on my formula so I've recently been experimenting with some of the many recipes and tips floating around on the web. Some haven't worked very well... but using myself as a human guinea pig I've also found some really good stuff. If you're interested feel free to take a look at my site.

    Glad to hear someone else still going without the poo and I hope you keep it up!



    1. Hi Rob!! Thanks for visiting! It's so good to hear from other no 'poo-ers. :D My hubby only uses the BS mix. I use ACV to detangle my hair and keep it from becoming too dry, but his hair is like 1/4" long so he doesn't have that problem.

      For now, my recipes work for me, but I know it doesn't work on everyone. I truly think everyone needs to experiment and keep experimenting to see what works for them. I know that once I figured out my water issues, things got way better. Oh, and adding tea tree oil was a life saver.... BUT this formula doesn't work on everyone.

      Do you notice that you have to change your recipe as the weather changes? It's starting to get into the hot months here in So Cal (although it never really gets cold), and I'm wondering if people change their ratios and such with climate change.

      I'm heading to your site right now! Thanks for sharing. :)

    2. Thanks for the detailed reply Yuri,

      I completely agree about finding what works best for you.

      I've heard tea tree oil from a few people so I'll definitely be giving that a go!

      I'm not sure about changing recipes to account for weather but it does make sense.

      If you want to find out more do please sign up to my mailing list.

      It's just a weekly catch up on how I'm getting on (this week's will be dedicated to ACV so perhaps not too relevant for you as I think you know more than I do!)and you can unsubscribe at any time with one click.

      Thanks again,


  2. Hi Yuri,

    Old post I know .. I tried this experiment several months back. At first it was the best thing I'd ever experienced for my hair. I was super excited. Then one day my hair felt icky and gross. Turns out I had hard water too and the baking soda wasn't dissolving. I did the boiling thing (though the tips I read didn't say to boil for 10 minutes, rather just to bring to a boil). It worked a bit better and then got yucky again. And THEN one day the ends of my hair felt like straw. No matter what I did, after rinsing with the vinegar my hair felt brittle and terrible. A few more times and it started to feel that way even when dry.
    I started reading more and saw lots of people saying that baking soda and vinegar are both pretty harsh. It took digging but there were similar complaints out there and I began to worry I was permanently damaging my hair. Plus it felt like crap and (despite only washing ever 3-4 days) was not making any progress on that transition period. It was fine if I washed everyday, but even one extra day and I felt disgusting.

    So I'm wondering .. You said you only have to wash every week .. Did you start out that way (as many said, to hurry the transition period along)? Or did you wash everyday and then slowly drop a day here and there?

    Have you heard or experienced anything about the whole brittle hair thing? I'd like to try again but I'm nervous about ruining my hair again. I had to cut off the ends (though they were already pretty dead and needing a trim .. Maybe that was it?) I'm using 'green' shampoo and conditioner right now but man would I love to stop buying that stuff. Plus I'll never be the same after feeling that initial silkiness I got in the beginning of no 'poo.

    Thanks in advance .. Glad you had such success!


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