Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cloth Diapering in Japan - UPDATE!!

Last week, while I was in Japan, I was lucky enough to visit my friend, Julia in Ishikawa-ken.
She's about to become a mommy and I HAD to visit her before her little one arrived (I HAVE to visit her after the baby's born, too... hahaha).

We looked through all the baby stuff she had.  I swear, Japan has some of the CUTEST things ever... and the most useful things.  Some of my beloved baby products are from Japan.

I'm super excited that she's going to be cloth diapering her baby!  She showed me the cloth diapers she received from people in Japan... and she asked me how to use them.

Well, first of all, they look nothing like what we use, have used, or have ever seen.

These diapers are super long, super thin, and is one big loop.  They seem different from our flats here and the directions on the package did not help.

We had a better idea about how to use these ones... but it still didn't really make sense. thats the cover on the bottom right, and thats the absorbent cloth pad in the middle... but that larger light cloth on top??  It's super super thin.  We thought it was a liner but it's bigger than the cloth pad part, but not big enough to really wrap it... and if you keep it open like it is and place it in the cover, it won't fit.   hmm...

Me being silly with the first diaper.  See, it's a big loop.  

She gave me two of these long loop ones... If I can't figure out how to use them, they're gonna become dish towels....

Both of these diapers are sold in major baby stores in Japan.  She has a lot of these... both kinds.  It would be great to get some insight on how to use them!

I tried researching, but haven't really found an answer... any input is greatly appreciated!!

Small update!
I found this site that shows one way of folding those long loop diapers.  It's not one of the ways shown on the package, but I decided to give it a try...

I did the hotdog fold and followed the t-fold method directions.

I decided to use a Snappi, though, since Y is very active and I don't want the diapers to unfold.

(click for bigger photo)

Anyone else have any other suggestions?

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